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Secure your client’s legacy today—and gain their loyalty for tomorrow.

A convenient and affordable estate planning solution that will empower your clients to plan for tomorrow, today.

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"As a tech-driven firm, Gerber Kawasaki has found a great solution for our clients’ estate planning needs in Trust & Will. Trust & Will’s turnkey platform allows our advisors to track our client’s progress towards completing this important piece of the financial puzzle."

—Danilo Kawasaki, CFP Vice-President and COO at Gerber Kawasaki Wealth & Investment Management


Streamline the process for your clients with LPL’s strategic partner.

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Track and manage your clients’ progress.

Your clients get everything they need to create their estate plans and you get an Advisor Dashboard to support them along the way.

With our legally valid documents, they’ll nominate guardians, leave gifts and determine asset distribution.

Expert support—every step of the way.

Your clients can leverage our nationwide attorney network for state-specific legal advice, straight from the experts.

Personalized checklists, articles, and sample documents guide your clients throughout the planning process.

Visualize decisions and learn as you go.

Gain insights regarding your clients’ specific assets that could impact their estate planning needs with our custom reports, insights, and probate avoidance tactics.

Your clients save 15%.

Share your unique referral link to activate your 15% discount, exclusive to clients of LPL Advisors. For a volume discount of up to 30% off, you can pre-purchase estate plans. Add Attorney Support to any plan for an additional $300.

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Let’s find custom solutions for your firm.

We offer seat-based pricing, so your firm can seamlessly integrate estate planning into your service model. Together we’ll design the best option for your business needs. Send us an email to learn more.

Questions about including estate planning in your client offerings? Our Implementation Team is only an email away and will work closely with you to get started.

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Help them navigate Probate with confidence.

The probate process is complicated and time consuming. That’s why we provide a dedicated case manager to guide your clients every step of the way. Your clients will get a free consultation and an exclusive $200 discount on our Probate services.

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How do I refer a client to Trust & Will?
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Do my clients have access to support when creating their estate plan?
Can my clients talk to an attorney?
What if my client needs help with probate?

Under an agreement between LPL and Trust & Will, LPL receives compensation from the vendor when an LPL advisor engages with Trust & Will for services.

For LPL Affiliated Bank and Credit Union advisors, please check with your program manager prior to signing up for Trust & Will.