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How Alicia Hawkins Used Trust & Will to Protect Her Family

Wondering how Trust and Will can help protect your family from the unexpected? Read through the story of Alicia Hawkins.

It can be difficult to think about our end of life wishes -- but having children often forces us to plan ahead. Luckily, Trust & Will can help you set up a comprehensive Estate Plan so you no longer have to worry. 

By working with Trust & Will, you can appoint a legal guardian for your children and determine how your assets will be distributed with them in mind. This can be done as you create a Will or Trust, but you also have the option to start by simply nominating a guardian. Read this overview of Legal Guardianship vs a Will to help decide what is best for you. 

The mission of Trust & Will is to help you determine which Estate Planning option accomplishes your goals, and to make that process as accessible and affordable as possible. Regardless of where you are in life, we want to help give you peace of mind about your family’s future. The best part is, this process can be done straight from the comfort of your own home. 

Our goal is to support you as much as possible through the Estate Planning process; and we hope to make each member feel like family here at Trust & Will. But you don’t need to take our word for it, we love showing off our members so you can get a better idea of what it’s like working with us. 

With that being said, we’d like you to meet Alicia Hawkins, a lifestyle blogger and mother of two. She lives in Florida and loves sharing relatable advice on Instagram as @alicia.hawkins. Earlier this year, she partnered with Trust & Will to help plan for her family. 

Continue reading to learn more about her journey with Trust & Will.


Alicia Hawkins Story 

Alicia has been sharing stories and photos of her family for years -- gaining thousands of Instagram followers in the meantime. Her content is an honest look at her life as a mother, and showcases her journey raising two adorable boys. The problem was, earlier this year Alicia realized her and her husband had no Will in place to take care of their boys if anything were to happen. 

Alicia said she had thought about creating some type of plan before -- but had never gotten around to it. 

“The thoughts would pop up in my mind every once in a while,” Alicia said. “But I didn’t want to stress out about it so I’d push the thoughts aside as best as I could.” 

However, she realized that as challenging as it can be to think about her children's futures it was a necessary task. She said while the thought of writing a Will could be scary or depressing, it does not take away from the importance of having a plan in place -- especially for new parents. 

That’s when Alicia was able to start working with us at Trust & Will and create a plan for her family. Alicia was able to chat with our team and create a Last Will and Testament in only 10 minutes. She printed her documents immediately, which put her mind at ease. While it is still scary to think about the unexpected -- Alicia now knows her children would be taken care of. 

“We feel so much more relieved and at peace knowing we now have a plan,” Alicia said. 

Alicia is exactly right: thinking about the loved ones we could leave behind is a scary thought especially when it comes to our children. But that doesn’t take away the need to protect them. Now that she has created a Will, Alicia can trust in the plan she has created for her boys. Trust & Will is here to help you through the process of Estate Planning as well, so you can have the same guarantee for your family.