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We’ve got you covered with Trusts, Wills, & Guardianship starting at only $39.

The most complete plan

A Trust-Based Estate Plan

Revocable Living Trust

Pour Over Will

HIPAA Authorization

Living Will

Power of Attorney
Trust-Based Estate Plan – Avoid probate court and allow your assets to seamlessly pass to your beneficiaries. Also includes the staples of an Estate Plan to elect guardians and specify healthcare wishes with customized and state-specific documents that reflect your specific wishes.
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A Will-Based Estate Plan

A customized Last Will & Testament document that reflects your specific wishes

State-specific legal document that adheres to your state laws
Will-Based Estate Plan – includes customized and state-specific documents that reflect your specific wishes. Each plan includes a customized Last Will & Testament along with supporting health care documents, including HIPAA Authorization, a Living Will, and Power of Attorney
Will based estate plan
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Nomination of Guardian

A customized Guardian document for you that reflects your specific wishes for your children

State-specific legal document that adheres to your state laws
Nomination of Guardian – a way to specify who you would want to look after your minor children, without having to make a complete Will. It's a great short term solution for parents who don't have time or the desire to create a complete estate plan.
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Commonly Asked Questions

Estate Plans are not 1 size fits all. We offer 3 different options based on your unique life situation and what's best for you.

Starting at $39. Add documents for your spouse for just $30 more. Our most basic plan for parents with minor children who aren’t ready to create a complete Will.

Just at $89 for an individual. Married? You can add documents for your spouse for just $70 more. A plan for who will look after your children and what should happen to your assets, if something happens.

$399 for an individual. Add your spouse for just $100 more. Avoid probate with a complete plan for the protection and transfer of your most important assets.
An Executor is a person or institution appointed by a court to be responsible for carrying out the terms of your Will and overseeing the administration of your estate. The duties and responsibilities of an Executor may vary by state and by the particular estate at issue, but generally include:

  • Interacting with the probate court (or other court with jurisdiction over probate proceedings)

  • Identifying and taking control over probate assets, such as bank accounts, accrued salary; personal property, life insurance or retirement proceeds payable to the estate, and/or business interests held by the decedent

  • Paying taxes, bills, and expenses from estate assets

  • Determining the distributions to be made from the estate and making those distributions to beneficiaries and heirs

  • Working with attorneys and/or accountants during the administration of the estate

  • Maintaining detailed accounts and records and, if required, filing an inventory of assets and accounting of assets with the court

This is only a representative list of the types of responsibilities an executor may have. Some estates may require additional tasks and some of these tasks may not be required for other estates.
Most people complete their Will or Trust in about 15 minutes. Guardian can take as little as 5 minutes. Come back and update anytime.
If you are unsatisfied with your completed documents you can request a full refund within 30 days of your purchase.
Simply sign back in to your account and easily update any section of your Estate Plan. Updating your Will or Trust? You can request a shipment of the latest version of your documents.
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