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Samuel Deane

Samuel Deane, @samueldeane

Founder, Deane Wealth Management

Samuel Deane is a financial planner and founder of Deane Wealth Management, an independent investment advisory firm for tech employees. His expertise allows him to help clients pay less in taxes, pay off debt, and become financially independent.

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Mitch Mitchell

Mitch Mitchell, @MitchMitchell

Product Counsel, Legal, Trust & Will

Mitch Mitchell, Product Counsel at Trust & Will, is an integral part of the company’s internal legal team. As an experienced estate planning and probate attorney, Mitch brings over a decade of knowledge and experience to Trust & Will’s offerings.

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Julia Rodgers

Julia Rodgers, @juliarodgers

CEO, Co-Founder, HelloPrenup

Julia Rodgers is HelloPrenup’s CEO and Co-Founder. She is a Massachusetts family law attorney and true believer in the value of prenuptial agreements.

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Memoria Team

Memoria Team, @memoria

End-of-Life Planning Services, Memoria

Memoria's mission is to put bereaved families in control again by providing a platform that reduces their emotional strain and costs, creating more time for them to grieve, not worry.

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Marni Blank

Marni Blank, @marniblank

Death Doula

Marni is a death doula, lawyer, trained mediator, and a female founded small business owner. She offers holistic end of life planning and death doula services.

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Patrick Hicks

Patrick Hicks, @PatrickHicks

Head of Legal, Trust & Will

Patrick Hicks, J.D., LL.M. is Head of Legal, serving as our General Counsel overseeing all attorney-related operations, including regulatory efforts and legal affairs.

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Thomas Kopelman

Thomas Kopelman, @thomas-kopelman

Financial Planner, Co-Founder, AllStreet Wealth

Thomas Kopelman is a financial planner and the Co-Founder of AllStreet Wealth, a virtual, fee-only financial planning firm for millennials.

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Lyle Solomon

Lyle Solomon, @lyle-solomon

Principal Attorney, Oak View Law Group

Lyle Solomon is a principal attorney for the Oak View Law Group in California, where he specializes in consumer finance. He has also written several articles on financial well-being.

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Derek Notman

Derek Notman, @DerekNotmanCFP

CFP & Founder, Conneqtor

Derek Notman is a Certified Finanical Planner and Founder of Conneqtor, a tech company focused on serving financial advisors on a global scale.

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Cody Barbo

Cody Barbo, @codybarbo

Founder & CEO, Trust & Will

Cody is the Founder and CEO of Trust & Will. Since starting Trust & Will in 2017, he has worked endlessly to make estate planning an affordable and inclusive option for all American families.

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