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We're Offering Discounted Estate Plans to All Healthcare Professionals

Trust & Will is now offering discounted Estate Plans to qualifying healthcare professionals in honor of national nurses day!

Cody Barbo

Cody Barbo, @codybarbo

Founder & CEO, Trust & Will

In honor of National Nurses day and because we so sincerely appreciate all of the hard work our healthcare industry workers continue to do, we're offering all healthcare professionals (and their spouses) 25% off when they complete their Estate Plans with Trust and Will.  

As the world continues to face these unprecedented times, it’s our healthcare professional heroes that are keeping us safe. We are grateful for your services. 

Visit to verify your credentials and claim your code. 

As a husband to a sonographer, and having many close friends and family members in healthcare, I see and feel the stress and anxiety hitting healthcare professionals during this time.


With the added pressure hundreds of thousands of healthcare professionals are facing, the last thing they should be worried about is if they and their families are at risk without having an estate plan in place.


From here forward, any healthcare professional working in a public health setting in the US, can apply to receive a free Will-based estate plan for themselves including health care documents, HIPAA Authorization and Medical Power of Attorney. Healthcare professionals can submit verification of credentials in the US at —


Many members of Team Trust & Will, have friends and family that are directly impacted by the outbreak of COVID-19, and it was a team decision to come together to bring this initiative to reality. Our mission is to protect families and provide them a better way to plan for life.

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