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How to Delete Cash App Account for Someone Who Died

Part of handling the affairs of someone who recently passed can include deleting and closing out apps on their phone. Learn how to delete cash app here.

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Have you been asked to handle the personal affairs of someone who recently passed? You may find yourself calling their bank, canceling their meal delivery subscription, and other miscellaneous tasks. Today, most individuals rely on many digital tools and platforms.  You’ll likely find yourself deleting and closing out apps found on their phone. A popular app used by many is Cash App. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to delete a Cash App account from someone’s phone and ensure that their account is properly closed.

How to permanently delete a Cash App account for someone who died - a step-by-step guide

Luckily, Cash App doesn’t make account deletion very difficult, so doing so for a loved one should be relatively easy. Because Cash App is used for financial transactions, closing out their account properly is important if you want to secure their digital presence. Cash App’s support team is available should you need further assistance. 

Step 1: Find their password, if possible

If you can easily find your loved one’s Cash App account login and password, great. Keep it handy. 

If you’re lucky, all you will need is access to his or her smartphone using a passcode. Once you’re granted access into the phone, many applications are already logged into and remain so unless the user manually logs out of it. 

If you don’t know your loved one’s phone passcode, try a few combinations you might think of. Many individuals use a date that is important to them, such as their birth date, a child’s birth date, or their anniversary. Other individuals might have picked out an easy pattern that they can swipe. 

Running out of luck? If you can’t get into the phone itself, you’ll want to contact the phone carrier company to get it unlocked. You’ll need to do this regardless if you need access to close out Cash App and other apps.

If it’s just Cash App that you need access to, then we suggest contacting the Cash App support team. We’ll address this in Step 3. 

Step 2: Close the account

Once you’ve successfully accessed the Cash App account, it’s time to close down the account.

Note that this is different from deleting the app. If you delete the app, you’re only removing the platform from the phone. Your loved one’s account is still floating out there in the ether.

First, open the application. Its icon is green with a white dollar sign. Then, check the account balance. If there is any money in the account, be sure to transfer it out to your loved one’s bank by clicking the “Cash Out” menu option. 

Then, tap on the account profile icon located in the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Once you’ve entered the profile menu, tap on “Support.” Then, select the menu option that says “Something Else?” Last but not least, scroll down until you find “Account Settings.” Once you’ve entered the account settings, you’ll be able to locate the option to close down the account. Be sure to click “Confirm” after tapping on “Close my Cash App Account.” 

Once you’ve confirmed that you closed down the Cash App account, you can now delete the app from the phone. 

Step 3: Contact Cash App’s support team

If you have any issues shutting down the Cash App account, including issues with finding the password, contact Cash App’s support team. You can find the Cash App support webpage, which contains the latest information. 

Currently, the webpage instructs users to visit to speak to a representative. You can also call 1 (800) 969-1940.

Once you connect with a representative, be ready to explain your circumstances so that you can get assistance closing down the account.

FAQs about how to delete Cash App

Have some more questions about deleting Cash App? Here are the answers to two popular questions below.

How do you delete Cash App from your phone?

If you have already deleted the Cash App account, deleting the app from the phone is easy.

On an iPhone, you will simply push down gently on the app. Once you’ve done so, the apps will begin to “shake” on the screen. You’ll notice a deletion icon appear on the corner of each app. Simply tap the delete icon hovering over the Cash App. This will remove the app. You may be prompted with a question of whether you want to delete the app or remove it from the home screen; be sure to select the delete option.

On Android, push down on the app. Doing so will select it, and then you can drag it toward the top of the screen. When you notice the trash bin icon appear, drag the app over and into the trash cash and release your finger. Be sure to confirm that you want to delete the app if you’re prompted. 

Can you delete the payment history on Cash App?

You may be wondering if you can delete your loved one’s Cash App payment history for privacy or security reasons.

Unfortunately, Cash App states that due to the nature of the application, the history cannot be deleted. However, the data is private. Other users cannot see who was paid, what the payment was for, or the amount that was given. This data can only be viewed if another individual logged into the user account.

Learn more about what to do when someone dies

Learning how to delete Cash App account from your loved one’s phone after they pass away can feel overwhelming at first. You may not be familiar with navigating the app, and perhaps you have twenty other apps to close out as well. To make matters worse, you’ll need to have unlocked your loved one’s phone first and foremost, which can be the trickiest first step if you don’t already know the passcode.

Luckily, help is at your side. This step-by-step guide demonstrated how exactly you can close down your loved one’s Cash App account and delete his or her app. Be sure to also check out our guide, What to Do When Someone Dies, for more helpful information, step-by-step guides, and other tasks that you may need to address. 

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