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How Julie Lopez Used Trust & Will to Protect Her Family

Wondering how Trust and Will can help protect your family from the unexpected? Read through the story of Julie Lopez.

Looking for the best way to set your children up for success even after you're gone? Creating a comprehensive Estate Plan is the best way to get the job done.  

Setting up your Will or Trust through Trust & Will allows you to appoint legal guardians for your children. This means choosing a trusted loved one to care for your child or children in the event something were to ever happen to you.  Learn more about the role of a guardian by reading our Complete Guide to Guardianship

Here at Trust & Will, our mission is to make Estate Planning inclusive, accessible and affordable for all. The ability to protect your family and safeguard your legacy is something that everyone should have the opportunity to do regardless of their income level or stage in life. That’s why, we’ve made it easy to set up a complete Estate Plan from the comfort of your own home.

Trust & Will is like a family, and our members become part of our family — at least that’s how we hope they feel. So we take every chance we get to show off our awesome members, tell their stories, and share how they used Trust & Will to set up their Estate Plan. 

Today we’d like to introduce you to Julie Lopez, better known as @LaMamiLife on Instagram. She’s a rockstar mom based in Los Angeles who runs a lifestyle and travel blog that covers everything from motherhood tips to wellness advice.

Keep reading to learn more about her journey with Trust & Will. 


Julie Lopez’s Story 

During her undergraduate years at CSULB, Julie was an insurance agent. She was used to spending her days talking to her clients about planning for their families’ futures as well as the importance of having a life insurance plan and legally-binding Will or Trust. 

Being the expert she was, she always assumed that she’d have it all figured out by the time she started her own family — i.e. being properly insured and more importantly, having at least a Will in place. But that wasn’t the case. 

“As it turns out, life sometimes just happens in flash”, Julie explained. 

She got married, had a beautiful daughter, and then realized that she was less than prepared for the unexpected. When you get caught up in the everyday routine of life, it’s hard to think about the unimaginable happening. 

After the sad and sudden death of one of her favorite athletes, Kobe Bryant, mixed with everything else going on in the world, she had a memory of her CSULB days where she used to help families prepare for the future. That’s the moment she realized that it was time to set up proper protection for her own family. 

Enter: Trust & Will.

Julie created her Last Will & Testament through Trust & Will completely online and in under 10 minutes! She was wowed by our best-in-class member support and loved that she could do everything online and print her documents from home. 

Upon the purchase of your Estate Planning documents,  you can choose to download your documents and print them from home or request shipping through Trust & Will — free of charge! If you ever need an extra copy of your documents, you can request a re-ship for a small fee.

“I hope you and your family have planned for the unexpected... It’s a great investment in your family and legacy.” -Julie Lopez. 

Julie’s story is a reminder that it’s easy to put off your end-of-life planning. As we get older and move through the phases of life: marriage, the purchase of a home, having children, we forget that it's’ so important to protect everything we’ve worked hard to achieve. 

Don’t wait another day to create (or update) your Estate Plan because remember — if you start today, you’ll worry less tomorrow.