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Personal Finance Gift Ideas for the Financial Freedom Geek in your Life

Scrambling to find good gifts for loved ones this holiday season? Trust & Will presents 15 unique personal finances gift ideas that will have them thanking you.

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Patrick Hicks, @PatrickHicks

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The holidays are just around the corner, and with that comes the joy of gift-giving. No matter if you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or other, it's the season of showing your loved ones just how much you appreciate them.

Many will agree that gift-giving is a form of expressing love and gratitude to another person. Those on both the giving and receiving ends should experience intrinsic delight when the exchange is mutually meaningful.

Do you have a loved one or friend who is hyper-focused on self-improvement, including personal finance, lately? Then you've come to the right place. Here's Trust & Will's holiday gift guide for the financial growth geek in your life.

Why personal finance gifts will hit a home-run this holiday season

When you're thinking of gifts to give this holiday season, might we suggest giving some thought to what your recipients might truly desire?

We've done some research, and we think that a lot of people in your circle would be absolutely delighted if they received gifts that were related to personal finance, financial well-being, and personal growth.

Here are some facts we discovered:

  • 77% of Americans would prefer not  to receive physical gifts.

  • According to Forbes, 94% of millennials are committed to personal improvement. (66% of Americans overall.)

  • Millennials and younger generations spend twice as much on self-improvement than Baby Boomers.

  • With over 70% of Americans feeling stressed over finances this year, financial well-being is likely an area of focus for many.

  • 7 in 10 Americans set new year's resolutions. A Forbes study found that improving finances will be amongst the top resolutions for 2024.

With these facts in mind, here's our gift guide for your loved ones who are in their financial growth era. (Our hunch: these gifts will please many!)

Trust & Will's 2023 holiday gift guide: financial growth edition

The holidays can bring about a lot of pressure. You can feel obligated to give gifts to your loved ones, but without the right inspiration, you can find yourself going through the motions. On the receiving end, you can wind up with a mound of trinkets that you don't know what to do with (and possibly end up donating or re-gifting tout suite.)

This year, why not change things up and give out gifts that are not only practical, but aim to improve your recipients well-being?

Based on our research (results shared above), the majority of Americans are focused on improving their finances this year. Growing wealth, as well as generational wealth, are top of mind. While it may be unorthodox to use this as a gift idea, thanks to a growing self-help industry, there are tons of unique gift ideas to choose from!

15 personal finance gift ideas

Here are some of our top picks for 2023:

1. Trust & Will estate plan: This holiday season, give the gift of peace of mind with a comprehensive estate plan from Trust & Will. An estate plan not only ensures financial stability but also protects the future of families. It's the perfect choice for someone who prioritizes long-term financial improvement. If you have a friend or loved one who recently got married, welcomed a child, or started to improve their finances, they'll be grateful for such a thoughtful present that will kick them into high gear.

2. Gift an IRA contribution: Contributing towards a loved one's Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is a thoughtful and impactful gift that not only shows your care but also aids in their long-term financial stability. By making contributions to their IRA, you are helping them build a solid foundation for their retirement savings, helping them build a comfortable and secure future. This gesture is especially great for those in your circle who are focused on growing their retirement funds and appreciate the support in achieving their financial goals.

3. Financial planning books: Books like "The Total Money Makeover" by Dave Ramsey or "Your Money or Your Life" by Vicki Robin can be exceptional gifts that provide not only valuable insights into personal finance management but also empower individuals to take control of their financial well-being. These books offer comprehensive guidance on various aspects of personal finance, including budgeting, debt management, and investment strategies. By giving these books as gifts, you are equipping your loved ones with the knowledge and tools they need to improve their financial literacy and make informed decisions about their money. This gift is perfect for anyone who is motivated to enhance their financial situation and seeks to build a solid foundation for their future financial success.

4. Mutual fund: For those who have a basic understanding of personal finance, investing in a mutual fund on their behalf can be a wonderful way to encourage their further financial growth. By investing in a mutual fund, you are providing them with an opportunity to diversify their investment portfolio and potentially earn returns over time. This gift not only demonstrates your belief in their financial acumen but also serves as a catalyst for them to explore different investment options and take steps towards building wealth. It is an excellent choice for individuals who are interested in growing their assets and exploring the world of investing.

5. One-on-one coaching sessions: Enrolling your loved one in financial coaching sessions can be a transformative and highly valuable gift. Financial or money coaching offers personalized guidance and support to individuals seeking to improve their financial situation. Through one-on-one sessions with a financial coach, your loved one will gain critical insights into wealth building, effective money management, and strategies for achieving their financial goals. This gift provides them with the opportunity to work closely with a professional who can help them navigate financial challenges, develop a customized plan, and stay on track towards long-term financial success. Money coaches are a great option because they often help individuals who may be struggling with debt or don't know where to begin. Financial advisors typically only take on clients who have already amassed a certain level of wealth, and some types of advisors will also sell products. If your loved one or friend is just starting out and is committed to making positive changes in their financial life, expert guidance can be invaluable.

6. Subscription to a financial magazine or online platform: A subscription to a  financial magazine like Forbes or an online platform such as is a great gift choice that can provide your loved one with up-to-date financial news, expert insights, and investment strategies. By giving them access to these resources, you are helping them stay informed and knowledgeable about the ever-changing financial landscape. This gift is perfect for individuals who have a keen interest in personal finance and want to deepen their understanding of various financial topics. With a subscription to a financial magazine or online platform, they can expand their knowledge, make informed decisions, and stay ahead in their financial journey.

7. Personal finance software: Personal finance software such as Quicken or Mint is a practical and valuable gift that can help your loved ones manage their budgets, track investments, and plan for future expenses effectively. By providing them with access to these tools, you are helping them streamline their financial management processes and gain better control over their money. Personal finance software typically offer features like expense tracking, goal setting, and investment monitoring, which can significantly simplify and improve their financial management. This gift is perfect for individuals who are looking for ways to optimize their financial organization and make informed decisions based on accurate financial data.

8. Educational course enrollment: Paying for an online course in personal finance or investing from a reputable platform like Coursera, Udemy, or MasterClass can be a unique gift for those who want to improve their financial literacy. This gift provides them with the opportunity to access high-quality educational content and learn from industry experts. They can choose from a wide range of courses on topics such as budgeting, investing, retirement planning, and more, based on their specific interests and goals. By enrolling in these courses, your loved ones can gain valuable knowledge, acquire new skills, and enhance their financial decision-making abilities. This gift is perfect for individuals who are dedicated to expanding their financial knowledge and want to invest in their personal growth.

9. Gift cards to financial institutions: Giving a gift card to a financial entity like a bank or brokerage can be a unique and practical gift for someone looking to invest their money wisely. With a gift card, your loved one can open an investment account, start a savings plan, or explore other financial opportunities offered by the institution of their choice. This gift not only provides them with a financial resource but also encourages them to take proactive steps towards their financial goals. It is a great choice for someone special in your circle who is interested in exploring different financial opportunities and value the flexibility to choose their preferred financial institution.

10. Donation in their name: Do you have someone in your life who loves to give back? We at Trust & Will certainly do! For someone who loves charitable giving, making a donation (in their name) to a cause that aligns with their values can be a meaningful and impactful gift. By making a donation on their behalf, you are not only expressing your support for their charitable endeavors but also highlighting the importance of giving back in the realm of personal finance. This gift serves as a reminder of their ability to make a positive impact on the world and encourages them to continue incorporating philanthropy into their financial plans.

11. Financial advising package: If you know someone who wants to invest their money but feels nervous to do so without professional guidance, try gifting them a session or package with a financial advisor or wealth manager. This gift provides them with the opportunity to work closely with a  professional who can assess their financial situation, understand their goals, and provide tailored investment advice. By receiving this professional guidance, your loved one can gain confidence in their investment decisions, make informed choices, and maximize their financial potential.

12. Enrollment in a financial planning membership: Giving the gift of a financial planning membership can provide ongoing support and resources for someone looking to improve their financial management skills on an ongoing basis. Many organizations offer memberships that include access to financial education materials, tools, and even one-on-one coaching sessions. By enrolling your loved one in a financial planning membership, you are giving them the opportunity to receive continuous guidance, stay updated on the latest financial trends, and access valuable resources to enhance their financial well-being.

13. Personalized financial plan: The gift of a personalized financial plan is another great idea for someone serious about improving their financial circumstances. Working with a professional financial planner, they can create a roadmap towards their financial goals and receive guidance on budgeting, saving, investing, and more. A personalized financial plan takes into account their unique circumstances, goals, and risk tolerance, providing them with a comprehensive strategy to achieve their financial aspirations.

14. Financial education courses or seminars: Continuing education in the realm of personal finance is a valuable gift that can provide lifelong benefits. Consider gifting your loved one with a comprehensive course or seminar on specific topics such as budgeting, investing, retirement planning, home-buying, etc. These courses offer in-depth knowledge, practical tools, and real-world examples, enabling your loved ones to enhance their financial literacy and make informed decisions. By investing in their financial education, you are empowering them to navigate complex financial situations with confidence and achieve their financial goals. This gift is perfect for individuals who are motivated to expand their financial knowledge and want to unlock their full financial potential.

15. Subscription to a financial magazine or newsletter: Keep your loved one up-to-date on the latest financial news, trends, and advice by gifting them with a subscription to a reputable financial magazine or newsletter. This gift provides them with valuable insights and information on personal finance topics, including investment strategies, money management tips, and economic trends. By staying informed about the ever-changing financial landscape, your loved ones can make better financial decisions, adapt to market conditions, and stay ahead in their financial journey. This gift is perfect for individuals who have a keen interest in personal finance and want to stay well-informed about the world of finance.

Gift yourself the gift of financial growth & protection this holiday season

As we reflect on the holiday season, it's clear that giving the gift of financial improvement tools goes beyond traditional presents—it's a gesture that can significantly impact a loved one's life. These tools foster financial literacy, encourage strong financial behaviors, and provide insights into the dynamic world of finance. They equip individuals with the necessary knowledge and skills to navigate an increasingly complex financial landscape, paving the way for better decision-making and overall financial well-being. By giving them such a gift, you're encouraging them to take that proactive first step that they might have been hesitating on. They'll be thanking you for the gentle push they needed (plus for not adding to the list of material belongings they didn't want in the first place!)

This holiday season, consider giving the gift of financial growth and protection to yourself as well. Introduce yourself to the world of estate planning through Trust & Will. An estate plan is more than just a Will; it is a comprehensive roadmap for managing your wealth and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of in the event of your absence. At Trust & Will, we’re here to help keep things simple. You can create a fully customizable, state-specific estate plan from the comfort of your own home in just 20 minutes. Take our free quiz to see where you should get started, or compare our different estate planning and settlement  options today! Take that step of going on this journey of safeguarding your financial future—because the greatest gift one can give themselves is the gift of peace of mind.

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