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Pet Cremation & 5 Creative Ideas for Remembering Your Pet

Your pet is your best friend. Give them the best end of life experience with the proper care and planning, including some heartfelt memorial ideas.

Losing a beloved pet is a heartbreaking experience for anyone, especially when so many consider their pet their best friend. Memorializing your furry friend is a great way to honor their life and send them your love. One of the said ways is pet cremation, which has become a popular option for those who can’t opt for a burial. Keep reading to find out what pet cremation is all about, things to consider, and memorialization ideas. You might even learn about something you’ve never considered before, such as estate planning for your pet.

How Does Pet Cremation Work?

This is a general overview of how the pet cremation process works, but know that there can be some variation based on the service provider you choose.

First, you have the option of choosing between having your pet cremated in private, or communally with other pets. This means that if you elect for a private cremation, you can have your pet’s ashes returned to you. A communal cremation means that your pet’s ashes will be commingled with those of other pets, which are then typically scattered in nature.

Once you make your choice, your pet’s remains will be turned to ashes in a cremation chamber. The process takes between 1 to 3 hours, at temperatures between 1400 - 1800 degrees Fahrenheit. 

After this initial process, collars, surgical hardware, and any other types of metals are removed. Then, the cremated remains are refined further until they’re turned into fine powder. This completes the process.

What is the Average Pet Cremation Cost?

On average, pet cremation costs between $100 and $200.

The cost depends on a few factors, such as the size of your pet, plus additional fees. Generally, smaller pets cost less to cremate. Some additional fees include transportation, whether or not you opt for a private cremation, plus the cost of a decorative urn if you ask for one.

How Do I Know If I Got all Pet Remains from Cremation

You might be wondering if you will actually get all of your pet’s remains back after cremation, and it’s a legitimate concern. 

Even when you elect for a private cremation, for some services, it means that your pet is partitioned from other pets. This means that some commingling is inevitable. Some owners will want to make sure that the remains returned to them are purely that of their pet.

If this is the case, then you’ll want some tips on choosing a good service provider.

Tips for Choosing Pet Cremation Services

The best way to choose a great pet cremation service is to do your due diligence and ask questions. You can ask how they define “private” cremation, and whether your pet’s remains will be the only one in the chamber. Some services will allow you to observe the cremation process for peace of mind. Finally, you can research their mission and get a sense of if they are truly passionate about reuniting pet owners with their pet’s remains.

5 Heartfelt Ideas for Memorializing Your Pet

In addition to pet cremation, there are many beautiful and heartfelt ideas for memorializing your pet. When you’re grieving a loss, it can be difficult to come up with ideas. We’re here to help. 

Here are some ideas that might inspire you:

1. Have a burial service

First, decide what you’d like to do with your pet’s ashes. You could host a small burial service or ash scattering service for those who loved your pet. Everyone could say a few words before burying the ashes in your yard, or perhaps scattering your pet’s ashes in the ocean of their favorite beach.

2. Plant a tree in their honor

You can memorialize your pet by planting a tree in your garden in their honor. Similar to pets, plants also need care and nurturing to grow. You could plant the tree exactly where you buried your pet, or pick any location in your garden as a symbol of your love. Either way, you’ll be able to remember your pet, or even talk to them, any time you’re nurturing the plant. 

3. Keep a paw print

Getting your pet’s paw print can be fun and precious at any age. You can get this professional done, or you can order a do-it-yourself kit to your home. If you choose the latter, just make sure that the materials are non-toxic. You can display your pet’s paw print in your home, and you can even find products that will allow you to turn the print into jewelry.

4. Get a painting done of your favorite photo

If you have a favorite photo of your pet, why not turn it into fine art? Hire a local artist to turn the photo into a painting that you can hang up in your home. That way, you’ll be able to remember your pet every day, and take it with you wherever life leads you.

5. Get creative with the ashes

These days, there are so many things you can do with ashes. Some are inexpensive and can be done at home, while some are truly unique. Here are some examples:

  • Scatter the ashes somewhere beautiful

  • Grow a tree using a biodegradable urn

  • Keep a beautiful decorative urn at home

  • Infuse the ashes into a decorative glass piece

  • Infuse the ashes into a gemstone for jewelry

  • Include the ashes in a firework display

  • Launch the ashes into outer space

Estate Planning for Your Pet

If you’ve gotten this far, clearly you are someone who loves their pet (or pets.) Let’s consider a different perspective for a moment. Is your pet protected in the event of your passing, expected or unexpected?

Creating a Trust or Will is a way for you to clearly delineate what you want to happen, such as arranging for your pet’s care, medical needs, and how expenses will be covered. That way, you can have peace of mind that your pet will be okay should anything happen to you.

Planning ahead is always key when it comes to taking care of your loved ones, including your pets. You can plan ahead by including your pet in your estate plan, and you can also be informed about pet cremation services so that you’ll know exactly what to do in the case of your pet’s passing. Don’t forget to include your wishes for your pet’s memorialization in your estate plan as well! Is there a question here we didn’t answer? Reach out to us today or Chat with a live member support representative!


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