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A Brand with Soul: Trust & Will's 2024 Rebrand

Introducing the new Trust & Will brand personality! Hear from our Creative Director, Alexa Zin, firsthand about the process.

Alexa Zin

Alexa Zin, @AlexaZin

Creative Director, Trust & Will

On January 2nd, I joined Trust & Will as the new Creative Director. Walking in (I should say opening Zoom) that day, I was well aware of my first objective: pick up the rebrand torch and make something special happen. Breathing new life into the Trust & Will brand identity was a huge opportunity for the company. With an ever-growing audience and member community, we aim to communicate an ownable, identifiable point of view and a personality that connects with people.

Finding Our Voice

Trust & Will services are most often sought out when people are experiencing pivotal, life-changing events, such as having a child and looking to create an estate plan, or losing a loved one and going through the probate process. It was essential for us to craft language that felt familiar and trustworthy to help guide people through these highly-charged moments in their lives. The brand needed to hold and convey this broad spectrum of human emotions. We landed on a voice that is grounded in honesty, understanding, and the real experiences of our members. 

Weaving in Authenticity

Through our photography, colors, and fonts we can bring our personality to life to connect with new people who are just learning about Trust & Will. The Kramms, Justin, Vica, their sons, and Justin’s parents, are actual Trust & Will members who had such a positive experience creating their Trust, that they were eager to help spread the word on the benefits of Trust & Will and let us share their family’s story on our new website. The Kramms are one of hundreds of thousands of families that have found comfort and relief in using Trust & Will to plan for their families’ futures. I’m thrilled to be able to feature them and to continue to share how the work that we do every day gives people true peace of mind and allows their families to build generational wealth.

Expanding Our Visual Language

This brand is unique. We are far from a one-size-fits-all service. We have support for people in various stages of their lives, including those who are going through tremendous changes and deep grief. Our probate services help people navigate the complicated process of settling a family member’s estate after they’ve passed. With our desire to be honest and understanding in mind, we expanded our brand’s visual language to include environmental photography. We’re greatly aware of the challenges that visitors to our probate website are facing and we’re acutely sensitive to their emotions and wellbeing when they come to us. This is not the moment for photography featuring happy families. Our visual language needs to create space for emotions to exist and not disrupt or distract from the visitor’s purpose in seeking out probate support.

Making it Count

Saturated colors, a unique serif font, and new brand photography all come together to create an editorial, effusive visual identity that feels both fresh and deeply familiar. We’re looking forward to sharing more of our brand’s incredible progress and continued commitment to serving people at every milestone of their lives. Follow along with us on our social channels, @trustandwill, and let us know if you have a story to share about your experience with Trust & Will!

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