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Trust & Will Price Increase: A Letter from our CEO

Hear from our Co-Founder and CEO Cody Barbo on why we made the decision to increase our prices.

Cody Barbo

Cody Barbo, @codybarbo

Founder & CEO, Trust & Will

To Our Members and Families:

I wanted to personally update our Trust & Will community regarding our price increase that will take effect on Friday, October 1, 2021. 

With a commitment to our values of integrity and transparency, I wanted to share the reasons driving this carefully-made decision.

From the very beginning, our primary goal at Trust & Will has been to make estate planning something that is more affordable, convenient, and accessible for families than ever before. Since 2017, our prices have remained largely the same, while we continued improving and evolving the best-in-class product you’re familiar with today. I want to assure you that this is still the case, even with our slightly higher prices.

With the average U.S. Estate Plan costing at minimum $1000 (typically more in the $2500+ range) I’m proud that we can continue offering estate planning services for far under market cost.

Now, you may be wondering why we decided to increase our prices?

Our decision was centered around how we can continue to make enhancements to our platform and provide more services as a part of our pricing and memberships.

After conducting an internal audit of our pricing structure, we discovered that we can help more families by marginally adjusting our prices. This change will allow us to continue offering donated and discounted plans to those who truly need it the most - like healthcare workers, veterans, and teachers. We’re very proud that we can stay true to this commitment, and have had over 10,000+ take us up on the offer to date.

We also pride ourselves in providing an industry-leading, 5-star customer experience that is best in class. To date, we’ve helped over 270,000 families start their Estate Plan. Thanks to you, and our growing number of members, we have a need to expand our team.

By increasing our prices, we’ll be able to grow our team and continue delivering our world-class member support. Through our experiences since we started our journey in 2017, we learned that the best way to help families complete their Estate Plan is to provide outstanding, on-demand support. 

In addition to our live chat AI support, we have a US-based support team that is now available 6 days a week, including evenings and weekends. This means that you’re able to get in touch with a real human being at a time that works for your schedule so that you can complete your Estate Plan. Automated technology is great to a certain extent, but we deal with very unique experiences and sometimes need to have our questions answered by real human beings. We completely value and honor that here at Trust & Will.

Our price increases will also help us ensure that your estate planning documents are delivered to your door as quickly as possible. We can continue to ensure our two-day printing and shipping service for all member documents.

Last but not least, we have some exciting product updates coming just around the corner. New features will be rolled out in October and throughout Q4 to make your entire estate planning process as seamless, comprehensive, and convenient as it’s ever been. I can’t share what these are just yet, but you’ll be sure to hear from us. 

Finally, I want to reiterate our commitment to providing estate planning services that are affordable and accessible to everyone. With a modest price increase, we’ll be able to serve even more families while maintaining our industry-leading member support and quality that is at the heart of what we do. We also stand by our commitment to supporting underserved and underrepresented families; with these changes, we’ll be able to offer discounted and donated products for those in need. 

We are so incredibly grateful for all of our members and look forward to continuing to serve you. 


Cody Barbo - Co-Founder & CEO @ Trust & Will

Q&A Regarding The Upcoming Price Increase

Read on to learn more.

When Will The Price Increase Go Into Effect?

The price change will go into effect at 12am PST, October 1, 2021.

What Are the Price Changes?

The price of Individual Wills will be $159. The price of Wills for couples will be $259.

The price of Individual Trusts will be $599. The price of Trusts for couples will be $699.

What about my Update Service Subscription?

The optional update service subscription for unlimited updates will remain the same at $19 per year for Will members and $39 per year for Trust members.

What will the price changes provide to customers?

The increases in our pricing will allow us to offer our growing customer base enhanced support hours and expedited shipping times. We’ll also be able to extend discounted and donated products to those who are truly in need.

I already started my estate planning process, can I redeem the current pricing?

If you complete your Estate Plan with us before October 1st, you’ll still pay our original, lower prices.

What happens if I have a pre-paid code?

If you have a pre-paid code for Trust & Will, we will honor our original prices, regardless if you purchase after October 1st. This price change will not affect pre-paid codes.

We’re here to help!

We understand that these changes may leave you with some questions. We are more than happy to answer them! If you have any questions about your Estate Plan or the changes to our prices, get in touch with us at support@trustandwill.com for more details. 


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