Donate to American Humane in Your Estate Plan

American Humane has worked to promote the well-being and safety of animals for more than 100 years. Their dedicated mission to serve vulnerable animals in need of rescue, shelter, security or protection makes them one of the most well-respected and effective animal welfare organizations in the country.


How to Donate to American Humane in your Trust & Will Estate Plan

Donating to a charitable organization like American Humane can ensure your legacy lives on. Your generous gift will serve to benefit this incredible organization and their efforts to make our world a better place. Even if you already regularly donate to American Humane throughout your lifetime, you can make a lasting impact by including them in your Estate Plan through a Planned Gift. 

Trust & Will makes it easier than ever to donate to charity, with Estate Plans that include a section specifically for charitable giving in our online Will and Trust documents.

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Why You Should Leave a Charitable Bequest to American Humane

American Humane was originally formed in the late 1800s. It was the joint effort of delegates in 27 various humane organizations across 10 states. They came together to create the first combined forum that would unite a common mission of stopping inhumane treatment of farm animals. From there, the ideals, vision and overall mission developed and expanded. 

With the help of generous donations and support over the years, American Humane has been able to:

  • Become the country's first official national humane organization 

  • Secure humane treatment for working livestock and animals in transit

  • Add child safety and protection to their agenda

  • Promote humane education in public schools and fight against animal cruelty in classroom demonstrations/experiments

  • Prosecute cases against cruelty to children

  • Spearhead campaigns in effort to pass child labor laws

  • Promote and run programs for therapy dogs  

  • Pass and see signed-into-law The Humane Slaughter Act

  • Pass Anti-Dogfighting laws in several states

  • Take leadership roles addressing ethnic and cultural issues relating to child protection

  • Establish the Be Kind to Animals contest, honoring children who demonstrate exceptional care for animals

  • Verify the well-being and health of hundreds of thousands of animals through the Humane Conservation Program

  • Save, feed and shelter countless animals after devastating hurricanes and floods

  • And so much more…

It’s easy to include Planned Gifts to American Humane in your Estate Plan. Your contribution can help ensure that this incredible organization is able to continue fighting for animals and children everywhere.

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