Donate to The OECD in Your Estate Plan

Support for the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) helps a global political group that’s trying to create international standards and policies that will focus on prosperity and equality for citizens around the world.


How to Donate to The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development in your Trust & Will Estate Plan

Donating to a charitable organization like OECD is one way to ensure your legacy lives on. Your generous gift will serve to benefit this incredible organization and their efforts to make our world a better place. Even if you already regularly donate to OECD throughout your lifetime, you can make a lasting impact by including them in your Estate Plan through a Planned Gift. 

Trust & Will makes it easier than ever to donate to charity, with Estate Plans that include a section specifically for charitable giving in our online Will and Trust documents.

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Why You Should Leave a Charitable Bequest to OECD

Founded in 1961, the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) works with policymakers, governments and global citizens to build better policies for better lives. They use their 60 years of history and experience to work towards creating international standards that seek to solve issues ranging from environmental, social and economic challenges that threaten our globe.

The OECD fights for policy change across the proverbial board, including efforts that can aid in improving economies by:

  • Creating jobs

  • Combating global tax evasion

  • Establishing the strong educational foundations that will serve to create a world we can be proud of, both now and in the future 

  • And so much more...

The OECD is made up of 37 Member Countries around the globe who passionately work together to create a better, safer, more-just world. The policies the OECD puts in place target key global issues at every level, from local, to regional, to national scopes - all driving reform and policy change that result from shared wisdom and core values.

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It’s the smart, modern way to donate to the charitable organizations you care about most.

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    Determine your strategy. 

    Decide how you want to utilize your Estate Plan to donate to a nonprofit. This can offer many benefits to you, your estate, the organizations you want to donate to and to the legacy you hope to leave behind.

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    Create your Will or Trust-Based Estate Plan. 

    Choose the nonprofit to whom you want to donate then create your Will or Trust-Based Estate Plan using our easy-to-use online platform.

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    Donate to your preferred charity. 

    Leave either a portion of your estate or a specific dollar amount to the charity of your choice. Whether you write them into your Will, designate them as beneficiary of your retirement account or create a Charitable Trust...we make Planned Giving easy.

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    Gain peace of mind. 

    Feel good knowing you’re leaving behind a lasting legacy that will help others in the future, even when you’re no longer here to help them yourself.

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