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Get help with probate—every step of the way.

We're here with expert support, so you can take care of their estate and gain some peace of mind.

Get through this complicated process and back to what really matters.

One-on-one help from a probate specialist

One-on-one help from our team of probate specialists.

Gain support and expertise by working with our team of probate specialists, who will work with you until the estate is closed.

Support with the details.

Support with the details.

Get hands-on assistance with services like guided document preparation and clear updates about where you are in the process so you can anticipate what’s next.

Help from people who understand.

Help from people who understand.

If you’re here, the idea of a drawn-out probate process is likely on your mind. We understand what you are going through and are here to help you through every phase of the process.

How Concierge Probate works

Expert support navigating probate.

Navigating probate can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Smooth your path and gain peace of mind by working with our team of probate specialists through the steps of probate.

  • 1

    Open the estate

    Our team of probate specialists will guide you in preparing and filing the documents needed to open probate and get appointed personal representative of the estate.

  • 2

    Administer the estate

    Once appointed, our probate specialists will provide you with the necessary forms and resources to administer the estate- this includes inventorying the assets, paying any creditors, notifying interested persons, and much more.

  • 3

    Distribute and close the estate

    Once you have administered the estate and completed your required administration duties, our specialists will work with you to document your plan for distributing the assets, and reporting your actions taken with the court.

Need help figuring out probate?

Schedule a free, 30-minute consultation with a probate expert. They can help you figure out:

  • Whether or not you need probate

  • Which probate service best fits your needs

  • How much the probate services you're considering cost

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Concierge Support Probate Plan


Payment plans available

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Take care of probate with dedicated support along the way. Handle probate with on-call guidance and tangible support from our team of probate specialists— from start to finish.

What you'll get

  • Easy to follow instructions

  • All standard probate court documents included

  • Phone consultation with a probate expert

  • Unlimited email, chat, and phone support with your case manager

  • Dedicated probate expert

  • Support to compile, organize, and facilitate submission of completed probate forms

  • Coordinated electronic signatures with family members (where electronic signature is legally accepted)

  • Public notice prepared and guided publishing

  • Conference calls with your family

Prices exclude state/county specific fees

  • Announcement for your local paper: $25-300

  • Court filing fee: $300-500

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Let a licensed attorney handle probate for you.

Take care of their legacy with affordable, personalized help from a probate attorney.

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We’re proud to be a category leader in estate planning and settlement on Trustpilot. Don’t take our word for it—check out what our members have to say.

“I felt empowered by their knowledge and organization of all the forms I needed. The explanation of what had to be done was so easy to follow. I couldn’t believe that it was over within a matter of weeks– everything was taken care of.”

Verda Wells
Probate member, 2018

"After doing some research online, we reached out and got an immediate response. Here I am, I don’t have any legal experience, but I was able to do it with the help of Trust & Will in not much time. Our experience with them was professional, easy to work with, and sympathetic to the needs that we had and what we were going through emotionally."

Michelle Riccordella
Probate member, 2018

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Commonly Asked Questions

What documents are needed for probate?
The exact documents required for probate can be unique based on the county the decedent resided in. As a benefit to members of Concierge Probate, our team will look up what additional documents are necessary for filling your petition for court.

Commonly required documents include but are not limited to: Petition for Probate, The Last Will and Testament, Death Certificate, Trust documents (when applicable), Life insurance documents, Beneficiary designations, Loan & lease agreements, Titles and deeds to real properties, and Financial asset documents.

There are also a number of court documents that must be completed and submitted during the probate process, such as a Complete Notice of Hearing, Minute Order, inventory documents, and closing documents. With Concierge Probate, we will assist you in the process of completing, submitting, and filing all documents required in your county.
Who is responsible for filing my probate forms?
Ultimately, the executor of an estate is responsible for filing probate forms and documents. However, a major benefit of our Concierge Probate offering is that our team of experts will prepare your petition packet in accordance with local probate court laws and provide you support in any additional requirements for your jurisdiction. This also includes the e-filing of forms when available, which your dedicated probate specialist will do for you.
Will I have a real person assigned to my case?
Yes. Concierge Probate is our most popular probate plan because individuals are assigned their own, dedicated probate specialist. Your assigned probate specialist will be by your side and manage the details at every step of the probate process. You get personalized guidance and unlimited email and phone support. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that your documents are filled out correctly as your specialist conducts a line-by-line review. When you receive back any notes from the court, you can be sure that your assigned specialist will be right by your side as you respond to and resolve them. Concierge provides the perfect balance that offers full-fledged support while protecting your budget.
What is the average price for probate?
The cost of probate varies due to a number of factors, such as the state you live in, the size of the estate, court fees, and the cost of working with an attorney if you choose to do so. In general, people going through probate spend roughly 3 to 7 percent of the estate’s value. The initial filing fee for probate ranges between $50 to $1,200. Then, the cost of notifications and required certificates can range between $10 to $300. At Trust & Will, we always charge a flat fee.

Probate attorneys can either charge an hourly rate, a flat fee, or a percentage of the estate value. Trust & Will’s Attorney Probate package charges an affordable flat rate of $5,000 with payment plan options. If you begin the probate process and decide that you would like to work with an attorney, you can upgrade from Concierge to Attorney at any time.

This guide lays out the most common probate fees by state.
How long after probate are beneficiaries notified?
Once the probate court determines that a Will is valid and accepts it, the executor or administrator of the estate is required to notify all beneficiaries. Identifying beneficiaries of a Will may take some time. Most states require notification within three months after the Will is accepted for probate. However, notification can happen much sooner. Note that once a Will is accepted for probate, it becomes a part of public record. A beneficiary is entitled to look at the Will and get their own attorney involved before they are notified. For beneficiaries of non probate assets (assets that do not pass through probate), there are no specific notification requirements. However, beneficiaries of a Trust must be notified by the trustee within 60 days of the death.