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Estate planning attorneys know their stuff.

An estate planning attorney can help you throughout the estate planning process, from creating your Trust or Will to advising you through the probate process. Feeling confident in your Estate Plan is huge. After all, there’s a lot at stake. Your future depends on you putting together a plan that can do exactly what you need when you'll need it most. That’s where a great estate planning attorney can come into play. They understand the federal and state laws that dictate how your estate will be handled after you pass away.

From gauging how much your estate is worth to anticipating potential tax issues, estate planning attorneys can provide value — especially if you have a more complex estate. That's why, here at Trust & Will, we have the option to add attorney support to your Trust or Will-Based Estate Plans.

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Find the right estate planning attorney.

Finding a trusted estate planning attorney shouldn’t be hard, but it can feel like an overwhelming task. Thats why, we wanted to make the process easier and more accessible. Not only are our estate planning documents built by attorneys, we also partner with licensed estate planning attorneys across the country. Working with an estate planning attorney isn't necessary or required. Our documents are legally valid and state-specific whether you choose to add estate planning attorney support or not. It can simply provide even more peace of mind for those who want an extra set of eyes to review their documents.

Whether you have a grand estate worth millions of dollars or you’re just starting out building your life and legacy, a Trust & Will resident estate planning attorney who specializes in local, state, and federal law can help you prepare for the inevitable. There is something to be said about the comfort that comes from having a helping hand when you’re trying to craft your effective Estate Plan.

Skilled estate planning attorneys go through years of education, training and mentoring before they start working with clients on their own. They typically have degrees in law, accounting or finance and therefore have a deep understanding of current legislation and tax planning. In addition, they often hold other certifications and credentials including a Chartered Trust and Estate Planner certification (CTEP), Accredited Estate Planner certification (AEP) and Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor (CTFA).

Estate planning attorneys are multifaceted. They can help you fund your Trust, designate beneficiaries, find ways to reduce or avoid estate taxes, navigate to probate process and more. From creating your Will to funding your Trust to naming a Guardian for your children, taking the guesswork out of the process should be your first priority. And with guidance from the right estate planning attorney, it can be.


Find an estate planning attorney who's perfect for your needs now & who can help you achieve you financial goals in the future.

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    Make a list of your goals.

    List your goals for your Estate Plan. Think about where you are in life right now, and where you want to go. Having this understanding allows you to seek out an estate planning attorney who can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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    Talk to several estate planning attorneys.

    Talk to more than one estate planning attorney before you decide who to work with. You’ll find they all have a different way of working with clients, and some will seem like a better “fit” for your style. That’s want to trust them and have confidence in what they’re doing for you.

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    Understand the fees.

    One of the major reasons people tend to put off estate planning is they’re afraid of the cost. Don’t let that deter you. Working with the right estate planning attorney means it needs to be a good financial fit, too. When you work with a Trust & Will estate planning attorney, it can be the best of both get the expert estate planning advice you know you can trust, but it’s also affordable!

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