Pennsylvania Estate Planning Attorneys

A state-specific, comprehensive, complete plan, drafted by Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys can make life easier on everyone you love. Both now, and more importantly, in the future.

Pennsylvania estate planning attorney

Find an estate planning attorney in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys can help you get things done.

It’s the one thing in life you can’t afford to get wrong - your Estate Plan. An estate planning attorney in Pennsylvania can make sure your plan is state-specific and exactly what you need.

Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys can help you set up a plan that will withstand the test of time. They are skilled, competent and knowledgeable about the types of issues and complexities that people often face when navigating the process of managing and administering an estate.

While working with an estate planning attorney isn't required to have a legally valid estate plan (all of Trust & Will's documents are built by lawyers) it can give added peace of mind. Working with an estate planning attorney in Pennsylvania can be beneficial - not just now, as you’re growing your estate, but in the future, when it will be left to your family and loved ones.


Get support from a licensed estate planning attorney in Pennsylvania.

Experienced estate planning attorneys in Pennsylvania are available to review your documents and decisions as well as answer any legal questions like funding advice or tax implications.

Attorney support is currently available in a limited number of states. Sign in to your account to check availability and learn more. Unlimited support for 1-year only.
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    Line-by-line Document Review

    Review your decisions, inputs, and details and discuss any consequences or questions you have.

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    Trust Funding Support & Guidance

    Step-by-step instructions and advice on moving each type of asset into your Trust.

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    Legal Estate Planning Advice

    Answer and advise on what is best for your unique situation year-round.


Find a knowledgeable, trustworthy, Pennsylvania estate planning attorney.

Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys know the law like no other. Your Estate Plan is the most important thing you have to protect your loved ones when you’re no longer here to protect them yourself. Using an estate planning attorney in Pennsylvania is one way to feel even more confident in that protection.


Take the guesswork out of finding Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys.

Pennsylvania estate planning attorneys specialize not only in federal laws, but also in the local state laws that are so crucial to understand so that you can have an effective Trust, Will or any other estate planning  document. Typical estate planning attorney certifications can include: 

  • CTEP (Chartered Trust and Estate Planner). CTEP attorneys typically serve high-net-worth clients. 

  • AEP (Accredited Estate Planner). AEP attorneys must be licensed to practice law or be a certified public accountant. They also must have a minimum of five years experience engaging in estate planning or estate planning activities. 

  • CTFA (Certified Trust and Fiduciary Advisor). CFTA attorneys must have a minimum of three years experience in wealth management, complete an ethics statement and pass an exam. 


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