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Creating an Online Will is an easy, affordable, no-hassle way to support your loved ones.

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Creating an Online Will doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, you can be done in just minutes!

Creating an Online Will is one of the most important things you can do right now to protect your loved ones in the future. Yet all too often, we put off estate planning. Maybe it seems too overwhelming. Or maybe we assume it’s really expensive. Or maybe it’s just because we want to avoid thinking about the inevitable. 

Whatever the reasons you may have for putting off making an Online Will, now is the time to put them to the side. Because now you have the option of creating an Online Will. It takes a matter of minutes, it’s substantially cheaper than you may have assumed, and best of all, it means you can focus on all the good things in your life, while trusting that you’ve protected those you love the most.

Create your Online Will today. We promise, it’s so easy, the biggest question you’ll have is: Why didn’t I do this sooner?

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Why you need an Online Will.

There are dozens of reasons why you should take the time to create your Online Will. Not only does it protect you and your legacy, but it’s the first step to creating a solid Estate Plan. And that means even when you’re not here to watch over your loved ones, you’ll have set them up in a way that you can be proud of. Your Online Will:

  • Can be done in minutes

  • Is state-specific and created by attorneys  

  • Allows you to name a guardian for your children

  • Lets you list your assets and property so your loved ones won’t have to do it on their own

  • Means you have control over who will be Executor of your estate

They’re Effective
They’re Legally Valid
They’re Comprehensive
They Can Be Used To Define Your Final Arrangements
They Allow You to List Your Assets and Property
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How an Online Will Works 

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Online Wills are simple to create, and when you work with a trusted online provider, you know you’re getting something you can depend on. The peace of mind that comes with that is priceless. Your Online Will allows you to: 

  • Choose An Executor
    If you don’t select an Executor on your own, you’re essentially leaving it up to the courts to decide who should oversee the distribution of your estate. Choosing someone you trust means you can be confident that your heirs will get exactly what you envision.

  • Select Guardians
    Selecting who should care for your children in the event that you’re suddenly unable to do so yourself is so important. Having a say in who would be a guardian might just be the most important aspect of your Estate Plan. 

  • Explicitly State Your Wishes
    Share how you want your assets passed down, so there’s no question and no doubt about who should get what.

  • Save Money and Time
    The traditional way of creating a Will is by going to an Estate Planning attorney. But this can take time and cost exorbitant amounts when compared to making an Online Will. And the end result? It’s not any better!

  • Update Any Time
    Things change in life, and one of the benefits of creating an Online Will is you can update it instantly, any time you have a major life event like a birth, death, marriage, divorce or anything else that would require updating your Estate Plan.

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It's the smart, modern way to create & manage your estate planning documents.

  • 1

    Make a list of your goals.

    List your goals for your Estate Plan. Think about where you are in life right now, and where you want to go. Having this understanding allows you to seek out an estate planning attorney who can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

  • 2

    Talk to several estate planning attorneys.

    Talk to more than one estate planning attorney before you decide who to work with. You’ll find they all have a different way of working with clients, and some will seem like a better “fit” for your style. That’s want to trust them and have confidence in what they’re doing for you.

  • 3

    Understand the fees.

    One of the major reasons people tend to put off estate planning is they’re afraid of the cost. Don’t let that deter you. Working with the right estate planning attorney means it needs to be a good financial fit, too. When you work with a Trust & Will estate planning attorney, it can be the best of both get the expert estate planning advice you know you can trust, but it’s also affordable!

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