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The Top 6 Podcasts for Estate Planning Learners

Do you want to improve your financial literacy and learn more about estate planning? Check out our top podcast recommendations!

One can argue that podcasts are one of the best tools for continued learning. It’s something that you can listen to on-the-go, whether you’re commuting to work, going on a walk around the neighborhood, or knocking off to-do items on your chores list. They’re the best friend for anyone who loves to learn and multi-task.

When it comes to topics that have many nuances, use legal jargon, and can get complex quickly, it can be helpful to have experts explain them to you. One of the great things about podcasts is that they give you access to industry experts who break down and explain these complex topics to everyday listeners. Not only that, they help you keep a pulse on an industry’s latest trends, new laws affecting outcomes, and hot tips that you would benefit from.

Estate planning just happens to be one of the topics. Although you can do plenty of online learning and reading, sometimes it’s just more easy and effective to have someone break it down for you. They also might answer questions that you didn’t even know you had in the first place!

Without any more delay, here are our 6 favorite podcasts about estate planning that you can add to your library. You can listen to these podcasts and more on Apple Music or your preferred streaming service. 

6 Estate Planning Podcasts to Add to your Library Today

Not everyone is a visual or textbook learner. Not only can it be hard to sit and focus on content delivered in a written or video format for extended hours, not many of us have the time. That’s why it’s a great idea to create a learning arsenal with multiple formats to choose from based on your mood, energy, focus, and the amount of time you have.

In case you’re feeling super busy but are feeling up to a bit of multitasking, may we suggest hitting “play” on a podcast? Here are our top picks for estate planning podcasts. Each one is intended to suit the needs and interests of different groups of listeners, so we hope that you find the perfect one for you!

1. Estate Planning Strategies

Estate Planning Strategies is one of the more well-rounded podcasts for those wanting to learn anything and everything about estate planning. This is a dedicated podcast that discusses topics such as Wills, Trusts, guardianship, and power of attorney. They also focus on how to build a legacy. This includes tips on how to create wealth, protect assets, and understand the myriad of taxes that could affect your estate. If there’s any topic related to estate planning, this podcast is sure to be discussing it.

2. Plan Your Estate Radio with Bob Bergman

Bob Bergman is a board-certified estate planning, trust and probate law specialist attorney. He is passionate about urging Americans to create an estate plan so that the government doesn’t decide the fate of their fortune when they pass away. Join Bob on his radio show so that he can tell you what you should do to protect your rights. Listeners love his relaxed and straightforward approach. You’ll be wowed by how much knowledge he has to share from his 35 years in estate planning experience.

3. What’s Your Legacy?

What is your legacy? This is a big, open-ended question that makes people stop in their tracks and think. More often than not, this is the big question that helps individuals really start to take their estate planning seriously. After all, you can’t leave behind a lasting legacy without a plan. Join Galem Girmay on What Is Your Legacy? as she explores the concept of a legacy. She invites spectacular guests on the podcast, and together they discuss the different shapes that legacies can take, as well as the complex emotions that come along with it. 

4. Complete Estate Planning

“Do you know what will happen to your loved ones when something happens to you?” Cincinnati-based attorney Nick Rosenbauer, host of Complete Estate Planning poses this important question. If you don’t know the answer, or don’t like your own answer, to this question, then perhaps you should give this show a listen. 

Nick enables listeners to learn about how to go about protecting a family legacy by leveraging the act of estate planning. A wide range of topics are explored in each episode, such as how to plan for a child with special needs, or how to include your Facebook or Bitcoin (digital assets) in your estate plan.

5. ACTEC Trust & Estate Talk

The American College of Trust and Estate Counsel (ACTEC) is a counsel of highly-respected attorneys who have demonstrated excellent professionalism in the legal estate planning, including trust law and tax law. The counsel hosts a weekly podcast called ACTEC Trust & Estate Talk

Once you’ve mastered some estate planning basics, perhaps you can elevate your listening to ACTEC, where attorneys discuss some higher-level estate planning issues. Listening to this podcast consistently will render you an estate planning guru! 

6. Life Planning 101

Last but not least is Life Planning 101. Host Angela Robinson shares over 40 years of experience to help listeners with a broad range of estate planning and related topics, including planning your finances, investments, taxes, and retirement. If you consider yourself an all-around planner, then this show could be perfect for you.

Consider this podcast the perfect planning lifestyle complement to one of your other estate planning podcasts. For instance, she covers topics such as charitable gifting, how to combat inflation, and how to save for your grandchildren.

Take Action on What You’ve Learned

Podcasts are a great way to engage in some passive learning. Why not elevate your morning commute by popping on your favorite show and exposing yourself to valuable concepts and conversations along the way?

However, one of the pitfalls of passive learning is that they can lead to inaction. Once you’ve finished listening to your podcast episode, it’s easy to get swept up with the business of your day to the point that you don’t integrate what you’ve just learned.

This time around, let’s change the narrative! As you’re absorbing and learning new information from these podcasts, we urge you to integrate and take action. It could be something as practical as scheduling a reminder in your calendar to review and update your estate plan. Then, you can apply anything that you’ve learned throughout the week or month. 

Taking action on your estate plan doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Trust & Will provides a seamless estate planning experience, so that you can create and update your documents online with a few clicks of a button. If you’re not sure where to get started, don’t worry - we’ve got you covered there too. Get started today!

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