Irrevocable Living Trust

An Irrevocable Living Trust is a type of Trust that cannot be easily altered or terminated once it is created.


Learn the ins and outs of an Irrevocable Living Trust and when to use this type of estate planning tool.

Living Trusts can be very powerful, but when you choose to use an Irrevocable Trust, you do so for very specific reasons. Because Irrevocable Trusts cannot be easily changed, there are some circumstances in which they wouldn’t be appropriate. But if you’re looking for a vehicle that will take effect during your lifetime and can offer you asset protection, this may be a smart option to consider.

Irrevocable Living Trusts can help protect your assets and property from creditors and judgments. They can also help you avoid taxes and might be able to ensure your property is safe if you need government benefits.

If you think you might want to create an Irrevocable Living Trust, it’s important you know all the details before you start.

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In an Irrevocable Living Trust right for you? 

There are pros and cons to every type of Estate Planning tool. But perhaps even more so than others, it’s important to understand how and when an Irrevocable Trust can be beneficial. The fact that they’re not easy to change means it’s essential that you have a grasp on how they work as well as when and why they’d be a good option.

An Irrevocable Living Trust may be a good idea if you: 

  • Think you need asset protection from creditors

  • Want a tax shelter 

  • Need protection from liens or judgements

  • Are worried you’re surpassing the threshold limit for government benefits and your assets will be used

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Benefits of an Irrevocable Living Trust  

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They’re not for everyone, but there are times that an Irrevocable Living Trust can be a viable Estate Planning Tool. They can offer the following benefits:

  • Protection of Assets 
    If your goal is asset protection, an Irrevocable Living Trust can be a great solution. It can offer you protection from creditors and judgments or lawsuits.

  • Estate Tax Benefit
    If you have a very large estate, an Irrevocable Living Trust can work to your advantage. Any asset or property you place inside a Trust won’t add value to your estate, which can be huge in terms of estate taxes. 

  • Keep Government Benefits
    Those who rely on government benefits like supplemental security income or Medicare (or if you will one day in the future), your total estate value can actually count against you. It can be complicated, but some government aid will require you to use your own money first. When you put assets and property inside an Irrevocable Living Trust, they’re protected from being included in your total value - which means you could receive aid without having to deplete your personal assets first.

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    Make a list of your goals.

    List your goals for your Estate Plan. Think about where you are in life right now, and where you want to go. Having this understanding allows you to seek out an estate planning attorney who can provide exactly what you’re looking for.

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    Talk to several estate planning attorneys.

    Talk to more than one estate planning attorney before you decide who to work with. You’ll find they all have a different way of working with clients, and some will seem like a better “fit” for your style. That’s want to trust them and have confidence in what they’re doing for you.

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    Understand the fees.

    One of the major reasons people tend to put off estate planning is they’re afraid of the cost. Don’t let that deter you. Working with the right estate planning attorney means it needs to be a good financial fit, too. When you work with a Trust & Will estate planning attorney, it can be the best of both get the expert estate planning advice you know you can trust, but it’s also affordable!

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