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Matthew and Kelly Stafford Become Ambassadors for Trust & Will, the Leading Estate Planning Company

NFL quarterback and podcast host describe the importance of estate planning amidst brain tumor diagnosis in a new national TV commercial.

SAN DIEGO, CA - December 26, 2023 - Trust & Will, the leading digital estate planning and settlement platform in the US, today announced that Matthew and Kelly Stafford are joining as brand ambassadors and will appear in a new national television commercial talking about the importance of planning for the future.

With the support of her husband Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams quarterback, Kelly battled a brain tumor and numerous health scares in recent years, bravely sharing her journey with the public as she confronted her diagnosis and recovered from a complicated surgery. Four years later, and now parents to four children, this is the first time the couple has spoken on-camera about their legacy and why creating an estate plan is vital for families. 

“I’ve always been a planner, trying to control the things that I can, but I’ve learned firsthand that life can change in a second,” said Kelly Stafford, brain tumor survivor and host of The Morning After podcast. “Setting up an estate plan for our family gave me peace of mind, knowing that even when the unexpected happens, everyone and everything I love would be taken care of.”  

“An estate plan is a playbook for what you want to happen when you pass. It makes it easier for everybody, not just us, to know our wishes and how we’d want things handled - especially for those who might have to take care of our children,” added Matthew Stafford, Los Angeles Rams quarterback. “As a parent, I don’t want to think about these scenarios, but I know Kelly and I had to. Trust & Will has done an amazing job creating a platform that makes it easy and succinct for people to create an estate plan.” 

This partnership marks Trust & Will’s first celebrity endorsement and will include a national TV campaign, reaching audiences through linear broadcasting and streaming networks. 

“Our mission is to help every family leave a legacy, and we couldn't be more proud to partner with such a dynamic couple that has weathered health scares and understands the importance of preparing for the unexpected and safeguarding their family's future,” said Cody Barbo, CEO and Founder of Trust & Will. "The Staffords have shown tremendous belief in our mission and vision.  As part of this collaboration, they will receive equity in Trust & Will, aligning their interests with ours and further solidifying their commitment to the continued success of Trust & Will."

Trust & Will provides an easy and secure way to create wills and trusts online, with the ability to customize legal estate planning documents that adhere to individual state and county guidelines. The platform uses bank-level encryption that protects customer data and complies with the highest security standards, including SOC 2 and HIPAA. Since launching in 2017, Trust & Will has raised $48M in funding and helped nearly 650,000 families set up an estate plan to create a legacy. 

To learn more about the partnership and to create an estate plan, visit www.trustandwill.com/staffords


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